BREAKING: Military Coup in Turkey

July 18th Update

The FAA has lifted the ban on flights entering the US from Turkey. Turkish airlines has announced flights will resume via Twitter.

Attention to U.S passengers, all flights to and from the United States of America will resume as usual starting from July 19th.

July 16th Update

Flights have resumed at Istanbul’s main international airport. However, the FAA is not allowing any flights leaving from Turkey to enter the US, even if they stop in another country on the way.

U.S. Embassy Ankara informs U.S. citizens that routes to Istanbul’s Ataturk airport are open; however, we are still hearing reports of sporadic gunfire. Security at Ataturk airport is significantly diminished and U.S. government employees have been instructed not to attempt to travel to and from Ataturk airport. Per the Federal Aviation Administration’s notice to airmen (NOTAM) dated July 15, 2016, U.S. airline carriers are prohibited from flying to or from Istanbul and Ankara airports. All airline carriers, regardless of country of registry, are prohibited from flying into the United States from Turkey either directly or via third country.

July 15th Update

According to media outlets is the small faction in the military who led the coup has surrendered to government forces. The situation is still very fluid and the region remains unstable.

Original Story

In Summary

  • Turkey’s military has taken control of the country and declared Martial Law
  • The military’s cited reasoning of poor government leadership (which was democratically elected, but controversial) and rising violet attacks
  • The US Embassy has urged citizens to shelter in place and don’t attempt to go to the Embassy
  • Istanbul’s main airport has been shut down for the time being

IST Cancelations

There will be much more information developing over the next few hours and days as the situation unfolds.

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