Review: PHX Centurion Lounge

After clearing security we made our way to the Centurion lounge. I haven’t been to this location yet and was excited to see what a new Centurion lounge has to offer. We checked in using the American Express app and got a QR code to present at check in. Once checked in we headed into the lounge.

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Review: LAX Centurion Lounge

The LAX Centurion lounge opened a few days back and I wanted to check it out as soon as possible. I booked a flight to LAX for the day just for the occasion. When I checked into the lounge I was told there is a 3 hour policy and I’d need to wait 45 minutes before returning. I understand rules are rules. However, the main purpose of that rule was for crowding and given the current situation with COVID-19 I had a feeling there wasn’t any crowds. When I returned I was quickly admitted into the lounge to find about 10 people.

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Review: AMEX HKG Centurion Lounge

I showed up to HKG early to explore the lounges here. The new AMEX Centurion lounge is located in the same area as the United Club, THAI Lounge, and some Plaza Premium Lounges. I was a bit nervous as all the Centurion lounges in the US seem to be uncomfortably crowded. I walked towards the lounge and saw the blue doors and American Express logo.

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Review: IAH Centurion Lounge

I finally had the opportunity to see the IAH Centurion lounge which is relatively new-ish. I wish this lounge was here when I was flying through IAH every week to get to Detroit. Once you’ve seen one Centurion lounge you know what to expect at any other location. However, I have read that this lounge is not easy to find if you don’t know where to go. It involves walking through a store, an elevator, and a hallway.

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Review: SFO Centurion Lounge

American Express has a handful of lounges available for their platinum and centurion card members. Luckily one of these is in SFO and even better it’s in terminal 3 where United operates. Unlike DFW not all terminals at SFO are connected air side. So if you’re not departing from terminal 3 or international terminal G this lounge would be pretty inconvenient.  Continue reading “Review: SFO Centurion Lounge”

What’s In My Wallet?

I was going to title this after the popular catchphrase coined by Capital One, but didn’t want to take the chance of getting  a cease and desist letter.

Credit cards are one of the focal points of nearly every frequent traveler blog. So, I thought I jump right in and inventory what I carry around on a daily basis. I don’t sign up for several credit cards a year just for the bonus then cancel them. I don’t sign up for a personal credit card then also sign up for the business version just to get double the bonus. Some bloggers travel so they can blog. I blog because I travel. With that said, I get enough points based on the few credit cards I have and my extensive travel through work. Continue reading “What’s In My Wallet?”