EWR + Summer = Nope

During the summers I try to lighten up on my business travel as airports are busier. I tend to have more delays and issues during summer just with high congestion than winter with weather delays. EWR has taken the crown for summer congestion to a whole new level for me. 

One of the most frustrating aspects of air travel is summer time which its when many leisure travels take to the skies. I understand not everybody travels as much as the average consultant, but sometimes I just don’t understand people. A classic example is TSA flagging a couples bag and telling them you are no longer able to bring large containers of shampoo/soap/lotion through security, or you’re no longer able to bring knifes. Yes, these are all things I’ve seen. What frustrates me the most about this is, where have these people been for the last decade? This is nothing new.

Being a NYC area airport, EWR tends to be more crowded than other airports. There is a whole dedicated FlyerTalk thread that is 30+ pages long about extremely long TSA wait times. Even TSA pre check lines are out of control. What set me over the edge was upon landing from SFO (flight review) there was a line to get out! I can’t even make this up. There was so much congestion near the exit from the secured area there was a slow moving line to leave the airport.

Survey Says

I would try to limit summer/peak season travel as delays are common and leisure travelers don’t help speed any airport process up. If your plans are flexible try to fly on Tuesday and Wednesday when travel tends to be on the lighter side.

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