Marriott Platinum Premier

Did you mean Platinum Elite? No, I mean Platinum Premier … Elite. Platinum Premier Elite is Marriott’s unpublished top tier status.

Marriott has three published Elite tiers. Below is each level and the annual nights required to obtain each.

  • Silver, 10 nights per calendar year
  • Gold, 50 nights per calendar year
  • Platinum, 75 nights per calendar year

Marriott Tiers

Each tier comes with added benefits. The most notable is the bonus point earnings per tier, along with complimentary breakfast/lounge access at full service properties for gold/platinum.

What Marriott doesn’t publish is the tier they have above the regular Platinum Elite which they dub Platinum Premier. Along with this level nowhere to be mentioned, nobody is really sure on the requirements to obtain it. Some say it’s due to 100+ nights, some say it’s due to 100+ nights and previous years as platinum, some say there is some hidden revenue requirement involved (top 3%). In short, nobody really knows for sure.

What I do know is I have been “chosen” as a Platinum Premier. What does this hidden tier provide? Does it give you guaranteed upgrades? Does it give you more bonus points? Does it give you better service? The answer to all those questions is no.

Platinum Premier has all the same benefits as normal Platinum. I get the same bonus points, and the same treatment at hotels. Ironically, some hotels don’t even know the difference between Platinum and Platinum Premier. Every week when I check in, I am told “I see you’re a Platinum member, thank you”, or some variation of that. Upgrades are nonexistent at Marriott and as a Platinum Premier that is no different. The notable exception to this (and this is for Platinum as well) are Asian properties, which in my experience all have excellent service.

So, what does Platinum Premier get me? There are a few small perks.

  • Dedicated customer support/reservations phone number

This phone number is only staffed during traditional business hours from what I’ve seen. Additionally, if there is high call volume (so, all the time), you are given an option to transfer to the regular Platinum line.

  • Platinum Premier gift

When you qualify for Elite Status you receive a kit in the mail from Marriott. This contains your Elite card (does anybody use these?) with information for your tier. Platinum Premiers┬áreceive a kit and a gift. The gift given out for this calendar year was a Marriott Rewards branded Tile. These are the devices you attach to your key chain so you don’t lose them (as easily). I’ve read previous years were gifts like a bluetooth speaker and a digital subscription to the Wall Street Journal (now, that would’ve been nice).

MR Rewards Tile

If there are any other real tangible benefits, even I don’t know about them.

Survey Says

Nothing really special here at this “secret level”. I think the main problem is Marriott corporate doesn’t communicate down to their franchisees (hotels) about this level and who these customers represent in terms of revenue and nights per year. We’ll see how this level shakes out with the SPG merger.

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