United Ends SGN Service

It’s always disappointing to see routes I flew on discontinued. I always have the same reaction “I just flew that route!”. According to this post on FlyerTalk, United is ending service to Ho Chi Minh City/Saigon. United didn’t fly to SGN from the US, but rather ran a fifth freedom flight from HKG.  Continue reading “United Ends SGN Service”

United Domestic Network

There has been a lot of chatter in recent days and months on United fine tuning their domestic network, specifically their hubs. Like most airlines United has evolved through M&A over time and most recently with Continental in 2010. Some would say it was a reverse merger since most of Continental management stuck around but the United name lived on. Others would say the airline still operates two companies under the hood. This is partially true due to labor agreements. pmCO staff fly on pmCO planes and pmUA staff fly on pmUA planes. What does this mean? Your Continental flight crew could time out (due to FAA regulations) and even though there could be a flight crew sitting in the concourse right next to you, if they’re pmUA they can’t work your flight.  Continue reading “United Domestic Network”

Avis Preferred Overview

One thing many blogs don’t write about is status with rental car agencies. Sure, they aren’t as rewarding as hotel and airline programs. I have been renting with Avis since I started my consulting career in 2012. Some colleagues rent with Hertz and their experience seems to be in-line with my overall Avis experience. About a year or so ago, Avis re-tooled their points program, and the changes do seem to be somewhat better. Continue reading “Avis Preferred Overview”

Review: Courtyard Parsippany

As a Marriott Platinum Premier I stay a lot of nights every year at various Marriott properties. Among all the Marriott brands Courtyard is probably my least favorite. I just don’t get the business model. Courtyard doesn’t offer complimentary breakfast for regular guest or Marriott Elites. However, when you travel for business you spend a lot of nights at Courtyards. These hotels tend to vary widely from property to property. The Courtyard Parsippany is one of the properties that have the newly designed rooms along with the new lobby look. It really grinds my gears when hotels advertise a newly renovated lobby but the rooms are the same old look. I rather have a nice room that a nice lobby I walk through twice a day going and coming from the parking lot.  Continue reading “Review: Courtyard Parsippany”

Rumor: Chase Sapphire Reserve Card

Every bank has a range of credit cards. These vary from co-branded cards to the banks own reward cards. This is not a hard and fast rule, but unless you spend every cent on a co-branded card, I don’t see the value. Instead of putting all my eggs in one basket I rather have a point agnostic reward system. Think American Express Membership Rewards, Citi ThankYou Points, Chase Ultimate Rewards. When you accumulate points with these currencies it gives you more flexibility when you want to redeem those points. Instead of being stuck with all those United miles, now you can accumulate Chase Ultimate Rewards and when the time is right transfer those points to United or Marriott or Hyatt or Southwest (see where i’m going?).  Continue reading “Rumor: Chase Sapphire Reserve Card”

United to Modernize EWR Security

Security at NYC area airports can be a hassle, this especially applies to EWR. Add the normal amount of people at this airport with summer travel, and that is a recipe for disaster. After landing at EWR from SFO (flight review), there was a line to get out of the secure area (see rant).

United (among other airlines) has noticed this issue and will attempt to address the issue of getting through security into the terminal at least.  Continue reading “United to Modernize EWR Security”

What’s In My Wallet?

I was going to title this after the popular catchphrase coined by Capital One, but didn’t want to take the chance of getting  a cease and desist letter.

Credit cards are one of the focal points of nearly every frequent traveler blog. So, I thought I jump right in and inventory what I carry around on a daily basis. I don’t sign up for several credit cards a year just for the bonus then cancel them. I don’t sign up for a personal credit card then also sign up for the business version just to get double the bonus. Some bloggers travel so they can blog. I blog because I travel. With that said, I get enough points based on the few credit cards I have and my extensive travel through work. Continue reading “What’s In My Wallet?”