Review: AC Hotel by Marriott Phoenix Tempe/Downtown

I’ve been trying to explore other Marriott brands besides the classic Marriott Hotels and the Courtyards I get stuck at for work. My current project is in the Phoenix area and there seems to be a few options. My first week there, I stayed at the¬†Phoenix Marriott Mesa which while quite and perfectly fine was one of the older looking Marriott’s I’ve stayed at. The hotel didn’t even have a full service restaurant (which I though all full service hotels had). My second week I chose to stay at the AC hotel. I’ve never stayed at one of these before and they look modern and have a more European touch.

Upon checking in there was a bar area in the lobby. There were seats around this area where you can order food to your table. While the menu was good it wasn’t a sit down restaurant. I went to my room on the fourth floor. Upon opening the door you notice how clean looking the room is from a design perspective. Its modern, but not over the top or trying too hard. There is also no carpet which is fantastic. Under the TV was an area to unpack your luggage which was convenient. The room also had a desk, coffee table, and a brown leather couch (which also was a pull out). This room consisted of one king bed.

The bathroom matched the room as modern but not over the top. There was a shower stall (no tubs here!), and a European looking square toilet. The vanity also had ample space to put your toiletries.

The closet area was an open closet with an area to hang a few items. The room refrigerator was even a bit more modern than the standard hotel refrigerator and had a glass door.

On the top floor of the hotel was the pool and gym. The pool was outdoors and was empty every day I was there. The gym was medium sized and was never too crowded. The gym had a few of each type of machine and one bench.

Survey Says

I liked the AC Hotel style. It is definitely refreshing. One gripe I had with this specific property was the thermostat in your room wouldn’t go below 68. Most nights it took me awhile to fall asleep as I was warm.

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