Review: BA First SFO-LHR

We boarded from the lounge into the First Class cabin through door 1L. This was my first time flying British Airways.

Date: Friday February 28
Flight: 284
Aircraft: 747-400
Origin: SFO
Destination: LHR
Seat: 4K
Scheduled Push Back: 4:10 PM
Actual Push Back: 4:13 PM

The seating is in a 1-2-1 arrangement on the lower deck in the nose of the aircraft. The crew was very professional and addressed me by name. The seat was comfortable and spacious. On the seat was two pillows.

The ottoman had a blanket and headphones.

A flight attendant came over and provided my pajamas and an amenity kit. The kit included skincare products by Elemis along with all the amenity kit basics.

To the right of the seat we’re the seat and lighting controls along with a USB port.

Menus were distributed for the inflight service. After take off orders were taken and we were asked if we’d like to eat now or at another time.

Shortly after take off drinks were served along with a canapé. I loved the glassware design.

Around 30 minutes later my tray table was set for the meal service.

The appetizer salad course was served first.

This was followed by the main disk of roasted pork which has vegetables served on the side.

I skipped the cheese and dessert coffee and settled for English breakfast tea.

After the meal service I requested the bed to be made which was a superset blanket and pad for the seat. Unfortunately, the cabin was kept very warm and there aren’t individual air vents.

About one and half hours before landing breakfast began. I ordered the English breakfast.

Upon landing we were told we’d be at a remote stand and would need to take a bus to the terminal. To add insult to injury there were no busses waiting.

Survey Says

I’ve read a lot about British Airways. First Class is often described as the best Business Class. I’d say that is somewhat true. The hard product of 1-2-1 is on par with Business Class products. The service was personalized on my flight which is a key touch of First Class. Additionally, everything from the amenity kit contents to the glassware noted First Class. While the meal service was good it definitely wasn’t as comprehensive as other carriers offering First Class. Overall this is a good flight.

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