Review: CX First Class HKG-ORD

I was pretty excited to try Cathay Pacific First Class for the first time. I got a teaser of the First Class seat on my inbound flight from SGN. I already knew the seat was wide and comfortable. I spent a few hours the The Pier which was a nice lounge.

After my inbound flight I realized that Cathay Pacific First Class is in a 1-1-1 configuration and the middle seats can only exit to one asile on the right side. This means the left side is considerably more private. I switched my seat from 1K to 2A. We began boarding at 11:00 AM. Upon showing my boarding pass to a flight attendant I was welcomed by name and escorted to my seat.

Date: Mondsy September 2
Flight: 806
Aircraft: B777-300ER
Origin: HKG
Destination: ORD
Seat: 2A First
Scheduled Push Back: 11:35 AM
Actual Push Back: 11:39 AM

The seat is wide and comfortable.

You can pull down the section to your right to create an arm rest.

The ottoman has a seat belt to dine with a companion and an additional pillow.

The left side of the seat has a USB and power outlet.

Also on the left closer to you is the entertainment and seat controls along with a small storage compartment.

To your right are preset seat controls.

I stored my carry on in the locker as there are no overhead bins in First Class.

Shortly after boarding I was offered a pre-departure beverage, hot towel, noise canceling headphones, amenity kit, a “sleeper suit”, and a menu.

The amenity kit is from Aesop. Inside the kit was an assortment of the usual suspects. I thought it was a bit tacky that the mouthwash was in a single use container rather than a travel size bottle. However, I do appreciate a full size travel toothpaste and not the super small single use ones.

The pajama kit came with a sleep mask and slippers and we’re very soft.

Today’s flight would have lunch followed by breakfast. There would also be snacks during the middle of the flight as well.

The pilot came over the PA to note that our flight time would be 14hrs and 20min. We pushed back at 11:39 AM and took off at 12:18 PM. The seat belt sign was turned off at 12:41 PM. I took that opportunity and changed into the provided pajamas. On Asian airlines I always take one size larger as they run small. However, the large was a proper large and was a bit big.

The dining service started shortly after. I ordered champagne which was brought out already poured rather than poured seat (refills were seat side). I do like how the glass is placed with the Cathay Pacific logo facing you. A shrimp amuse bouche was served as well.

The amuse bouche was cleared and my tray table was set for the lunch service. This included a written note welcoming me to the flight.

The caviar course was served along with a full bread basket.

Next up was the ham and cauliflower soup.

The soup course was followed by a salmon salad (where salad is a lose term).

The main course was served after salad. I chose the pan fried black cod.

I skipped the cheese and ice cream courses settling on just fruit and tea which was served with chocolates.

The flight attendant offered to turn my seat into a bed which was very comfortable.

I slept for most of the flight waking up 3 hours before landing. The flight attendant went over the breakfast offerings with me and the service started with fruit.

This was followed by Special K cereal.

Next up was the main course of fried eggs with tea.

I finished the meal service with a hot towel and a diet Coke.

We descended into ORD and labded on time.

Survey Says

I went all the way to Vietnam just to fly this leg of the trip. Cathay Pacific First Class didn’t disappoint! The lounge was nice (albeit crowded at certain times) and the onboard service was great. Having only 3 seats per row means you get a nice comfortable bed. I look forward to flying back to Vietnam on the return leg of this ticket.

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