Review: CX The Pier First Class Lounge

I’ve been pretty excited to check out Cathay Pacifics First Class Lounges. Based on my limited research are two main First Class lounges. The Wing has cabanas (enclosed suite with a day bed) and a Champagne bar. However, The Pier has recently-ish been remodeled and looks stunning. I decided to check out The Pier.

The lounge is one level down from the consource near gate 63.

My boarding pass was scanned and I was admitted entrance. Upon walking in you’re in a hallway that runs the length of the lounge. This hallway connects different areas of the lounge including the dining room, day beds/spa, business center, and the main seating area.

The lounge was moderately crowded when I arrived. However, it seems a bank of Cathay fights went out and the lounge emptied. To the left upon walking in is the main lounge area and a bar.

The main lounge section also wraps around and forms an L shape following the windows.

The bar had a decent menu including illy coffee.

Off to the side of the main hallway right before the lounge area is a small buffet which was serving breakfast. The breakfast wasn’t anything special. However, there was fresh squeezed jucie which was a nice touch.

Walking down the hallway in the other direction was a business center with a few work stations.

There is also a spa where First Class passengers are entitled to complimentary 15 minute treatments. Additionally, there are day rooms on a first come first serve basis. I figured these would be taken but was surprised to learn one was available. I as escorted down a hallway which had several rooms all enclosed by curtains.

The day room has a chaise lounge with an area to place your luggage and an area to charge devices.

The views are pretty nice too.

At the other end of the hallway was the dining area. When I first arrived there was a wait to be seated. However, about an hour or so later it was pretty empty.

The lounge was still serving breakfast with the following menu.

I decided to try the dan dan mien noodles which were excellent.

Survey Says

This lounge didn’t feel as exclusive as other First Class lounges. When I arrived it was crowded but I didn’t have any trouble finding a seat. Once a bank of flights departed the lounge was pretty peaceful. One thing to note was during that busy time dirty dishes were building up around the lounge. I feel for a First Class lounge these should have been cleaned up quickly. Overall, this lounge is pretty nice. It has a lot of amenities and is a nice place to relax before a flight.

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