Review: KE First Lounge ICN

Korean Airlines moved to the new terminal 2 which looks amazing. In addition to the new terminal there is a new first class lounge. I’ve been to the old lounge and wasn’t too impressed so my expectations weren’t to high. I followed signs to the lounge.

The lounge is fairly small but definitely looks a lot better. Upon being checked in there are some private rooms and lockers for luggage.

There lounge is essentially a seating area and a buffet area (there is one other small room with a massage chair). The main seating room has a few seating arrangements broken into chairs of 1 to 4 to accommodate most parties.

We arrived before 6 AM and the buffet wasn’t set up yet.

I asked to use the shower room (there is only one) which was nice and spacious.

After my shower the buffet was set up with Korean fare (and one Mexican dish?), cereal, yogurt, and a variety of cheeses and meats.

A representative also walked around with a tablet to take orders for eggs.

There was also a select of soft drinks and alcohol.

Survey Says

While this lounge isn’t going to win any awards compared to other first class lounges it is definitely better. The look and feel is modern and fresh. The food was decent and the lounge stayed quiet. The only downside is there is one shower and one single use bathroom per gender.

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