Review: KE ICN First Lounge

After doing some searching and asking people who didn’t understand English, I found the Korean Airlines First Class Lounge. I walked in and presented my boarding pass to the desk agent. She proceeded to cross out the boarding and departure time and note there was a delay. The lobby has a model 747 which was cool.

KE ICN First Lounge Model Plane

I proceeded down the hallway and entered the lounge. Essentially its one long rectangle partitioned into a few seating areas on the right side.

KE ICN First Lounge Seating 1

There is a dining area and dining room on the left side. However, the “dining room” is just a room with tables and chairs. There is no table service like many other first class lounges (like the ANA Suites Lounge in HND).

KE ICN First Lounge Dining 1

KE ICN First Lounge Dining Room

The food was pretty mediocre. There were some cold salads, sandwiches, make your own ramen, and some hot dishes which didn’t look appetizing.

KE ICN First Lounge Dining 2

KE ICN First Lounge Dining 3

The one cool feature of the Korean Airlines First Class Lounge is they make customized luggage tags on request. This really isn’t advertised, and I wouldn’t even know about it unless I read other blog post. The Korean Airlines logo and an A380 are on the front. The back has your name and Skypass number.

KE ICN First Lounge Luggage Tag

Survey Says

With the exception of the personalized luggage tags, there really isn’t anything “first class” about this lounge. I would say this is a nice business class lounge since its more restricted. Its odd that none of the Korean Airlines have nice first class lounge products while the Japanese airlines do. It seems they would want to compete more.