Review: KE ICN-SGN First Class

We left the lounge 30 minutes before boarding and headed to the gate. Terminal 2 is really something. Very bright and airy with tall ceilings.

Boarding began a bit late. First to board were people who need extra time. This seemed to be almost a third the flight. The person scanning tickets just started letting first and business class through as well sensing the pre-boarding was a bit much.

Date: Sunday January 29
Flight: 681
Aircraft: A330-300
Origin: ICN
Destination: SGN
Seat: 1G First Class
Scheduled Push Back: 9:10 AM
Actual Push Back: 9:18 AM

We walked on the plane and was escorted to my seat. Unlike other carriers Korean Airlines does offer intra-Asia first class. The catch is the seats are the same as business class. However, the service is increased. We were provided with pre-departure beverages and nuts.

The menu notes today’s service would include a light meal (even though the description seemed like a full meal). What’s interesting is the same flight in the other direction gets lunch. I’m not sure why a flight of almost 6 hours wouldn’t get something classified as a full meal. Just an interesting note. I decided to order the beef tenderloin.

We pushed back a few minutes late due to a passenger count discrepancy and took off at 9:37 AM. Shortly after take off the seatbelt sign was turned off and the meal service started. First up was the steamed scallop.

The scallop was followed appetizer of smoked salmon.

Next was the cauliflower cream soup.

I was offered a choice between dressings for the salad course. I went with balsamic.

The grilled beef tenderloin came after the salad. The steak was cooked medium.

The meal service was cleaned up and I reclined for the remainder of the flight. We landed in Saigon a few minutes early and taxied to the gate.

Survey Says

All in all this was a good flight. The seat was a standard business class seat but there was a better meal service and more attentive service. The person next to me sure did take advantage of the free flowing Johnny Walker Blue Label.

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