Review: LAX Star Alliance First Class Lounge

I was excited to check out this “lounge”. I put lounge in quotes as I think lounge isn’t the right world. This is really an addition to the business class lounge that is only accessable to first class customers. The lounge even has a connected door to the business class area which has a larger buffet and even an outdoor deck. However, the business class lounge tends to get pretty crowded.

We were checked in and walked into the lounge. The lounge is basically one space which has a buffet to the left and seating to the right. In the back are a few dining tables.

The sit down dining is what really sets the first class and business class lounge apart. We were presented with a menu.

I like that the names of dishes have plane names in them. I was looking forward to my ANA First Class flight so just decided to get spring rolls and shrimp cocktail.

Survey Says

Since the business class section tends to get very crowded it’s nice to have somewhere quiet to sit. The food is a tad better but nothing outstanding. I guess this concept makes more sense than each Star Alliance carrier operating their own lounges.

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