Review: LH DEN-FRA Economy

Date: Wednesday July 12th
Flight: LH447
Aircraft: B747-400
Origin: DEN
Destination: FRA
Seat: Economy 29G
Scheduled Push Back: 5:25 PM
Actual Push Back: 5:39 PM

For the last several years most of my flights have been on United and JetBlue airlines. This flight was my first international flight on non-united metal and on Lufthansa. I boarded the 747-400 with no expectations and was pleasantly surprised by the service and in-flight entertainment. Let’s get to it shall we?


The boarding process for this flight was like nothing I had ever seen before. Instead of the boarding with group numbers, Lufthansa decided to board by seat rows. I had the first row in economy so I was excited to board relatively early but to my dismay they began boarding the flight starting from the back (premium economy and business class of course). In the end the boarding order didn’t really matter since there was plenty of overhead space. I’m guessing the overhead bin space was so abundant was because the rules permitting carry on luggage were more stringent then with domestic US carriers. I ended up having to gate check my merican carry on. Given that I didn’t have global entry and I had to wade through customs, this was not a big deal.

Cabin & Seat

The cabin arrangement on this Lufthansa 747-400 was interesting to me since economy and premium economy shared the same cabin.

The two classes were separated by a a sad excuse of a curtain: a mostly transparent shade hanging from the ceiling.

What was absolutely amazing was the amount of legroom in the first row of the economy class, row 29. I was able to snipe a seat in row 29 during the normal check in procedure, which felt like it should have been illegal. Look at all this room!

Food & Beverage

The food on this flight was not bad. It was your run of the mill airplane food with a European twist.

Shortly after getting into the air we were served some Warsteiner? pretzels. Note to self: wait until the beverage cart comes around before indulging in such a saliva sucking snack.

Roughly an hour after the snack and beverage service was completed the first meal service began. There were two options: beef & potatoes or pasta. Both meals came with bread, cheese, a side salad, and a brownie.

Bonus points to Lufthansa for using real silverware! Closer to arrival we were served breakfast. The only option was an omelette with spinach and some potato. It came with a side of fruit which surprisingly wasn’t terrible.

Service & Amenities

Above all else, I was most impressed by the service and in flight entertainment on this flight. The in flight entertainment system was years ahead of anything I have experienced on United. For starters, you could begin enjoying the in flight entertainment immediately. There was no need to wait until you were above 10,000 feet to enjoy many good movies, TV shows, and live TV! The touch screen user interface was designed well and didn’t lag much. I really enjoyed how the home screen was catered to your flying destination and included information about the weather, public transit, restaurants, and even do’s and don’ts.

Lastly, I really enjoyed the third-person flight status page which provided a 3D model of your plane flying in real time! The status page would point out points of interest on the map in case you wanted to look outside the window and catch them.

Survey Says

Lufthansa is a fantastic and refreshing alternative to flying United while still traveling with the star alliance family. Be sure to check in and switch your seat to the first economy row for an awesome value! Would fly again/10.