Review: Manila Marriott Hotel

I typically don’t post hotel reviews as Marriott’s in the US are pretty cookie cutter brand to brand and there isn’t anything noteworthy. However, this is my third time to the Manila Marriott and with the new West Wing open, a review was in order!

The Manila Marriott was always nice for a standard Marriott. The rooms were nicely finished and had a somewhat modern feel to them. The executive/concierge lounge had amazing staff who addressed you by name. I got a email from the hotel before my stay noting the newly opened West Wing with newer modern rooms and a brand new even bigger lounge. I was pretty excited.

I did the mobile check in before arriving as I was arriving late and wanted to ensure my room would be held. I was checked in quickly and given a standard room in the new west wing. I’ve never been too lucky with upgrades at this hotel. What really grinds my gears is thin walls at hotels. My room had a connecting door and on the first night I heard the people sneezing next to me. I went to the lounge and asked the staff to be switched. The amazing staff moved me to a one bedroom suite!

All the rooms in the new West Wing are very modern. Instead of gross hotel carpet it’s hardwood floors which is amazing. Upon entering the suite there is a living area and small dining area with a Nespresso machine.

Manila Marriott Living Room
Manila Marriott Dining Area

As soon as you enter to the right there is also a half bath.

Manila Marriott Half Bath

The bedroom consisted of a king bed, and two seating areas (chaise lounger not pictured).

Manila Marriott Bedroom

The bathroom was large with a double vanity, separate room for the toilet, and separate wet room for the shower and bath.

Manila Marriott Bathroom 1
Manila Marriott Bathroom 2

The lounge was very large as well. The largest lounge I’ve seen in any Marriott. This was meant to be more than just a area for free breakfast. The lounge is half non dining eating meant for relaxing.

Manila Marriott Lounge 1
Manila Marriott Lounge 1
Survey Says

This hotel was always pretty nice for a standard Marriott. With the addition of the West Wing it’s now one of my favorites! However, many Marriott’s are rolling out the new room and lounge designs. Hopefully we see more of that soon!