Review: NH Suites Lounge NRT

I was in the ANA Suites Lounge at Haneda once before (on a UA GlobalFirst ticket, RIP). I was impressed by the sit down dining service. However, the Suites Lounge in Narita doesn’t offer that. Furthermore, the Suites Lounge in Haneda only offers the dining service around the time of evening departures to accommodate an abbreviated onboard service. ANA has two suites lounge locations in Narita. Satellite 5 has a Business Class and Suites Lounge on the fourth floor. Satellite 4 has a Business Class on lounge on the second floor and the Suites Lounge on the fourth floor. I was at the Satellite 4 location. However, both locations are pretty much identical.

I got off the Narita Express and headed for Terminal 1 South Wing. Check in counter Z is for First Class (along with United Global Services).

I handed the agent my passport and she quickly checked me in. I was also provided with a hot towel.

Once check in I headed towards the private security screening area for first class passengers.

Once though security and immigration I headed towards satellite 4 and went up to the fourth floor for check in.

Upon entering the lounge you’ll see various seating.

There is also a limited cold food buffet with drinks.

The back of the lounge has the Noodle Bar and dining area. The menu is mostly the same from the business class lounge.

If you were turn left from entering the lounge there is a business area with cubes. when traveling for work I always value cubes. It’s my go-to stop at the United Club in SFO.

When you enter the lounge a representative will present you with the drinks menu and provide a hot towel. However, after that you’re left alone.

Shower rooms were also available on the opposite side of the check in desk. It seems ANA has downgraded their shower amenities. Rather than individual soaps there are now communal soaps from Thann. This is the same brand that base lscsk Marriotts use. So it doesn’t scream first class. Additionally, the towel was very thin and scratchy.

Survey Says

This lounge isn’t winning any first class awards. In times where business and first class seats are almost the same, airlines need to work to differentiate their offerings. Part of that is having a proper first class lounge. Sit down dining should be available (even United does that, for business class) at the minimum. However, the lounge stayed pretty quiet/empty and the wifi worked well, which is needed in a good lounge.

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