Review: OZ (Asiana) ICN-LAX First Class

I was pretty excited for this flight. It’s not everyday I get to fly on an A380. It’s a bit sad that Asiana will be ending First Class service all together later in 2019. The First Class lounge was small but quiet which is always a plus these days.

Asiana has several business class lounges in Incheon. These lounges can also be accessed via priority pass which makes them a bit of a zoo. The business class lounge located near Gate 11 also has a first class section. As you come up the escalator you notice the red Asiana logo.

Like many lounges in Europe there are self serve turnstiles where you can scan your ticket to enter the lounge.

Upon entering there are some high top tables for working.

Proceeding down the hallway to the main lounge area are the restrooms and showers to the left.

Towards the end of the hallway there are some rooms with lounge chairs.

The main lounge is a single room. There are various seating arrangements. These include living room type setups for parties of two or more. Single area overlooking the airport. Dining area with tables.

There are two buffet area. One with food and one with drinks (and some light snacks). We were there for breakfast and lunch and saw both spreads. Breakfast and lunch both included salad, bread, and soup.

Breakfast consistented of Asian and Western options.

I thought the lunch spread was better.

The drinks section included a coffee machine (not pictured), tea, soft drinks, and a self serve bar.

We we’re in the lounge for about two and a half hours then headed to the gate for boarding.

Date: Saturday July 6
Flight: 202
Aircraft: A380-800
Origin: ICN
Destination: LAX
Seat: 3E First Class
Scheduled Push Back: 2:40 PM
Actual Push Back: 2:44PM

Upon boarding you’ll notice the large Asiana logo.

We presented our boarding pass and we’re escorted to our seat. The suite was large.

Next to the seat was slippers and a Salvatore Ferragamo amenity kit. The amenity kit had all the standard with some skin care products as well.

We were also presented with a “to go” bag. This bag unfolded to hold our amenity kit and pajamas when we departed.

There was ample storage. To the right of the seat was the media controls and a storage compartment which housed a USB port.

On the same side in the front of the suite was another storage compartment.

On the left side was a “tablet” (detachable but attached to the seat) that controlled the seat position and lighting.

On the left in the front of the suite was a closet.

The ottoman had the bedding for the flight and a plug underneath to the right.

We were provided a pre-departure beverage and nuts after we got settled.

We pushed back at 2:44 PM and the flight attendants preformed their all call over the PA rather than the internal phone system. A flight attendant welcomed us abord noting the flight time would be 10 hours and 40 minutes. They also went though all the code share flight numbers for United, Singapore, and Copa. After a long and slow taxi we made our way to the runway and took off at 3:16 PM. At 3:29 PM the seatbelt signed was turned off and the flight attendants began preparing for the service. I was presented with and extensive menu. There were multiple appetizer, soup, and main course options.

There was also a selection of mid-flight snacks.

The arrival meal was a breakfast service.

There was a extensive selection of drinks as well.

A hot towel was served before the meal service.

The lunch service started with champagne and the starter cheese croquette.

The starter was cleared. The tray was set for the appetizer (the cheese croquette was just a “starter”). This included a decorative rose (like Lufthansa).

Shortly after my appetizer of smoked salmon salad stuffed with crab meat was served.

The soup course of tomato consomme was next (this wasn’t what I was expecting).

The pink grapefruit sherbet was up next to clear the pallet.

My main course of panfried halibut was served next.

Before I had a chance to say I didn’t want dessert the fruit and cheese course was served.

I passed on the berry tart and ice cream and just settled for tea.

After the meal service I requested the pajamas which came in a silk pouch and closed my suite doors.

With a little under two hours remaining the breakfast service started. The service began with a selection of breads and fruit.

This was followed by cereal and yogurt.

Unfortunately, I forgot to take a picture of the main egg dish. We landed at 11:52 AM and taxiied to the gate.

Survey Says

The lounge was quiet and the food was decent. Compared to other first class lounges this wasn’t anything outstanding. However, I’ll take a quiet place to sit over a crowded lounge any day. The flight attendants on board were very friendly and the service was extensive. The food was very good as well. It’s to bad Asiana is cutting First Class entirely (rather than only having it on limited routes like Korean Airlines). I’m glad I got to try Asiana First Class before it goes away.

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