Review: DL PHL Sky Club

I was excited to experience a Delta Sky Club as I have complimentary access for myself when flying Delta through my American Express Platinum card (PHL will be getting a Centurion Lounge in August 2017). Check-in was a breeze. I scanned my boarding pass and the agent swiped my card.

I wasn’t going to write a separate review of the Delta Sky Club as it was pretty crowded due to the delays and I didn’t feel comfortable taking pictures. However, with all the delays I was able to get a few pictures later on in the evening. While PHL is an outstation, the club was very nice for a small location. The staff were amazing as well, who kept all our spirits up. The club has a few small areas.

There are two seating areas

The self serve drink area

The food spread

The food was better than United’s spread. The soups were more filling (vegetarian chili, and loaded potato soup) and they had other small options like a chicken curry salad, small sandwiches from Earl of Sandwich, pretzels bites, and a small salad bar.


There were also some cubes and a printer in the small business area which I didn’t get a picture of.

Survey Says

I was pretty impressed with the overall spread and friendly service. The club was initially very crowded like many other clubs but thinned out later in the evening. I would love to check out other Sky Clubs as well.