Review: UA SFO-NRT GlobalFirst

Date: Friday September 23
Flight: 837
Aircraft: B747-400
Origin: SFO
Destination: NRT
Seat: 2K GlobalFirst
Scheduled Push Back: 11:20 AM
Actual Push Back: 11:20 AM

This is my first time in international first class so I was pretty excited. After reading so many blogs say how first class on US Airlines is a joke, my expectations were lowered which let United surpass them!

I left the United GlobalFirst lounge at the stated boarding time and headed to the gate. To my surprise boarding was on Group 3, ahead of schedule!

I found my way to my seat and saw one of the main reasons why I booked this flight (the other being it was timed better). What the US Airlines lack in service they make up in spacious seats (#murica). The seat is almost 2 feet wide (22 inches) and about 6.5 feet long. The seat had two pillows and a blanket. I was given a menu designed for GlobalFirst, and my GlobalFirst amenity kit (don’t really see the difference between this and the BusinessFirst kit which is a bit smaller and a different color).


The purser came by addressing everybody by their name and thanking the for flying with United today. He then took meal orders and didn’t ask for my second choice if they ran out (the little things, right?). The purser informed us that there is a mattress topper that can be added to the seat upon request if we want to sleep, which is a nice touch.





After take off we were provided with a hot towel, water, drink of choice, and warm mixed nuts. Then the appetizers where brought through on a cart. The appetizers consisted of various sushi and beef empanadas.


Shortly after a cart with salad cart came through the aisles. The purser added a dressing of choice and ground pepper. We were also offered a tomato soup which was rather good (had sun dried tomatoes in the soup as well).


Then came the main dish. I ordered the chicken dish on the recommendation of the purser and it wasn’t bad. United has been trying to revamp their on board catering and while it’s airplane food, it’s passable.


Lunch was taken away and we were offered a selection of cheese and grapes along with coffee or tea. Doing the healthy thing I just took some grapes and a coffee. Then we were offered ice cream sundaes, which I didn’t get.


The rest of the flight was pretty quite up until 1.5 hours before landing when a breakfast service was served. I don’t get why breakfast food is served as it is not breakfast time at SFO nor NRT, but I digress. I got the cereal option as the egg dish had cheese in it.


Survey Says

I was impressed by the service in GlobalFirst on this flight. Why do I italicize this? This is because United is know for consistently being … inconsistent. I had a great flight crew on this flight. We’ll see how things turn out on my next one. While it’s sad to see US carriers phasing out first class, It makes sense. Most people just want the lay flat bed, which business class provides at a “lower” cost.