Review: SQ AMD-SIN Business Class

The day has finally come to start the journey back to the US. We booked AND-SIN-EWR in business class one way for ~1300. If booking this flight just from SIN-EWR would it would of been ~6800. While this wasn’t the specific flight I was excited for, it was getting me one flight closer to taking the world’s longest commercial passenger flight.

Date: Saturday January 26
Flight: 531
Aircraft: A330-300
Origin: AMD
Destination: SIN
Seat: 15H Business Class
Scheduled Push Back: 11:05 PM
Actual Push Back: 11:00 PM

We boarded on time and the scene was chaotic to say the least. We boardes and walked across the plane and turned left. We were seated in row 15. Our seat had a pillow and blanket. There were also some amenities including slippers, eye shades, and socks.

Menus were also at the seats.

The seat had entertainment controls, seat position controls and power options on the sides of the seat.

We pushed back on time and taxiied to the runway taking off at 11:17 PM. The seatbelt signed was turned off at 11:23 PM and the service began. A flight attendant came around taking orders. I decided to go with the chicken. A small selection of nuts was provided to start.

The appetizer was served at 12:12 AM. For a red-eye flight, Singapore Airlines needs to speed up their service. Appetizers were served from a cart one asile at a time. A similar flight from Saigon had everything served on one tray. First up was the scallops which I forgot to picture before I started eating.

Next up the main which was served at 12:30 AM. The dish certainly didn’t look to appetizing based on the presentation. The spinach turned out to be tasty. However, everything else was nothing special.

I decided to skip the cheesecake, fruit, and cheese courses and go to sleep. We landed 15 minutes early and taxiied to to the gate.

Survey Says

All in all this was an alright flight. Singapore Airlines A330’s has angled seats which aren’t great for sleep. Additionally, the supper service takes too long for a red-eye flight. Otherwise, the flight was good and the crew was friendly as always.

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