Review: SQ HKG-SFO First Class

Date: Sunday January 29
Flight: SQ2
Aircraft: B777-300ER
Origin: HKG
Destination: SFO
Seat: 1F First
Scheduled Push Back: 11:40 PM
Actual Push Back: 11:43 PM

The day has finally come! I am flying Singapore Airlines first class. Some caveats is I’ll be flying first class and not suites class. Suites class is what is flown on the A380. The only route that has this to and from the US is JFK-FRA to my knowledge. Another caveat is due to the late departure the service is classified as supper opposed to dinner. I’ve read that supper is an abbreviated service and for example, doesn’t include a caviar service (I ain’t mad).  With that out of the way, lets begin!

There was a large line for economy waiting at the gate to board. However, there was no line for first class. I presented my boarding pass and walked right on.


Once boarded the flight attendants were very friendly. I was shown to my seat, my coat was taken, and I was offered a beverage. The lead flight attendant came over and introduced herself giving an overview of the flight.

The seat has to be the width of almost two economy seats (or two spirit seats).

The seat had tons of storage as well. On the right side of the seat was an area with USB plugs.

On the left was the touch screen entertainment console control.

The seat controls were on the left side as well.

What’s interesting is how Singapore doesn’t have seats that go fully lie flat via the controls. The seat will recline to a certain point and stop. You need to inform a flight attendant who will convert the seat to a bed, which is somewhat annoying.

There are no overhead bins in first class so all carry-ons go below the footrest. This area easily fit my carry on and backpack.

There was also a cubbie to hold additional items.

Hot towels were distributed followed by the supper service menu. The flight attendant confirmed my book the cook selection of wok fried beef.

Amenity kits were also distributed. The amenity kit was a brown Salvatore Ferragamo pouch.

The pouch included cologne, lip balm, after shave cream and a towelette.

Singapore doesn’t actually provide amenity kits in business class and has all basic amenities such as toothbrush, toothpaste, and mouth wash stocked in the bathrooms and provides the same for first class.

I requested pajamas and the flight attendant recommended a large (oppose to the small/medium I got on United).

After takeoff, I opted to skip my meal selection and go straight to bed. These seats don’t fully recline into a bed as mentioned above. Instead, you need to inform a flight attendant who prepares the bed by flipping down the back of the seat and preparing the bed.

About two hours before landing the flight attendants came around for the second course. There was starters and mains. Starters included fruit and cereal. I decided to go light with the cereal. The flight attendant then offered if I wanted regular  or skim milk, which I thought was impressive. A few minutes later more hot towels were given out and my tray was set for breakfast.

A fruit plate was provided to start. The fruit was actually ripe and tasted great. Normally fruit on US carriers is barely ripe and awful.

Followed by my Special K.

Before landing the lead flight attendant came around offering hard candies and thanking everybody for flying Singapore airlines.

Survey Says

While I slept most of the time and didn’t eat my main course, everything about Singapore airlines was as expected. The crews are extremely professional always addressing me by last name. The entertainment system has an extensive selection. The bathrooms are also kept clean through out the flight (something an American Crew would never do). I would definitely fly Singapore airlines again.