Review: SQ SIN-HKG Suites Class

I was pretty excited when I booked the old suites class from SYD-SIN, but also getting to experience the new suites class on SIN-HKG was a welcome surprise. I was originally booked on the old suites but due to an aircraft swap I was downgraded to business on an A350 (which I’ve flown on IAH-MAN). At the time I was put on the wait list for this flight but it didn’t seem promising. I called up and again explained the downgrade situation and the representative confirmed me in suites!

Unlike the old suites product, the new suites product is only 6 seats and located on the upper deck. I boarded and turned left for suites.

Date: Saturday September 15
Flight: 856
Aircraft: A380-800
Origin: SIN
Destination: HKG
Seat: 3A Suites Class
Scheduled Push Back: 9:55 AM
Actual Push Back: 10:08 AM

Upon seeing the suite I was wowed. The suite is a square shape with a large seat that swivels.

The entertainment and seat can be controlled one of 3 ways.

  • Tablet to the left of the seat (removable)
  • Controls in the seat arm rest
  • Touching the TV screen

To the left of the seat was window shades and lighting controls (which also can be adjusted via the tablet) along with 2 small storage compartments and a lighted mirror.

Under the window shades and lighting controls was an HDMI port, electrical outlet, USB port, and the new NFC option for your phone. The NFC option let’s you pair your phone to your suite and you can pull up previously selected movies and entertainment to watch.

To the right of the seat and near the suite entrance is the TV. The TV can be adjusted electronically to move outward for a better viewing angle.

A vanity in the front of the suite included the tray table, menu/tablet holder, and flower arrangement.

On the side of the vanity is another electrical outlet and USB port.

The bed folds down from the wall and the wall can be lowered to make a double bed if traveling with someone.

After I sat down I was offered a pre-departure drink of 2004 Krug champagne.

The menu for today’s service included brunch service along with an extensive drink selection. The flight attendant confirmed my book the cook selection of Indonesian king prawns.

The flight attendants came to set my tray table for bunch. This requires the chair to swivel towards the aisle where the tray table comes from the vanity. The seat wasn’t working smoothly and needed to be manually moved. After that was all set, I was provided with a fruit appetizer followed by yogurt. The fruit was ok, and the yogurt was a good flavor (it was a very light vanilla flavor bordering on plain).

The main course which I ordered ahead of time was Indonesian king prawns. The prawns tasted freshly grilled. The pasta dish was also very good (it seemed to be thin layered pasta with a pea puree).

One thing to note is the somewhat odd dining config. You need to face the aisle to dine. The suite doors are aligned across the aisle. This means that you and your seatmate across from you would be facing each other. Luckily my seatmate decided to sleep right away.

After the brunch service I requested the bed to be made up.

The lavatories for suites were located in the front before the staircase downstairs. There were 2 lavatories and both were impressive. The lavatory on the left side had a large bench for changing.

The lavatory on the right had a separate vanity with seat.

Survey Says

While I only experienced the new product on a short flight with an abbreviated service, I was impressed. The new suites product is pretty amazing. As always, the service on Singapore Airlines was amazing. I can’t wait to redeem points to fly this again once Singapore releases saver space on the new product.

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