Review: SQ SYD-SIN Suites Class

The day has finally come. I get to experience not just first class on Singapore Airlines but suites class! Additionally, this was my first time on an A380. This flight had the old/original suites class. However, this is still one of the best products in the sky.

I showed up to the ticket counter pretty early and there was only one person there closing out the last flight. The attendant checked me in and provided me tickets that said first class in red. She then ran after me and said “I didn’t realize you’re in suites class. Let me reprint your boarding pass”. I was then provided boarding passes that said suites class in gold.

After going through immigration and security I looked for the tax refund sign. The Sydney airport funnels passengers through a U shaped duty free section. For most gates this requires walking the long way. However, if you follow the tax refund signage you can skip a bulk of the duty free shops. You’ll see a tax refund desk but keep waking past and you’ll be in the terminal.

Date: Friday September 14
Flight: 222
Aircraft: A380-800
Origin: SYD
Destination: SIN
Seat: 3F Suites Class
Scheduled Push Back: 3:00 PM
Actual Push Back: 2:53 PM

Boarding was scheduled to begin at 2:30 PM. However, I decided to show up 10 minutes early as I’ve been sitting in the lounge for a few hours. People were lining up already just like United. The suites class and business class line were the same but suites class was called first. We began boarding at 2:23 PM. I boarded though door 1L and was escorted to my suite.

The suite had a large chair with arm rest that reminded me of one of those executive desk chairs.

To the right of the seat was compartments with an electrical plug and USB ports and a compartment to hold eye glasses (or something similar sized).

There was also another compartment that had a small storage area and Bose headphones.

To the left of was the seat and entertainment controls.

The front of the suite has a foot rest which had a seat belt meaning a companion can dine with you. There was also bedding.

A flight attendant offered a choice of 2006 Dom Perignon or 2004 Krug. I went with the Dom Perignon to start.

I was provided a menu for today’s service. The flight attendant confirmed my book the cook order but noted I can decide to have anything off the menu as well.

The menu also had an extensive drink selection.

After take off a flight attendant raised my suite shades. Amenity kits and pajamas were also distributed. Singapore Airlines only offers amenity kits to first class passengers on long haul flights. For business class passengers all amenities (tooth brush, shaving kit, etc.) are located in the lavatories. The kit provided was more of a takeaway kit than an in use flight kit. It contained

  • A scented candle
  • Soap
  • Lotion
  • Lip balm

I was also served honey walnuts with cashews and 2004 Krug champagne (the Krug was better than the Dom Perignon).

A few minutes later my table was set and I was offered a selection of bread. While all the breads looks great I went with the garlic bread which was served warm.

First up was the caviar course. What was odd was no caviar spoon was provided.

Next was the split pea soup which was excellent and black pepper was added table side.

for the salad course I chose the olive oil dressing rather than the honey mustard. The dressing was tasty but not overpowering.

My main course, which I selected via book the cook online was lamb chops. While the lamb appeared to be slightly overcooked it did have a pink hue to it. Which for plane food is impressive. I’m used to cooked through meats on flights.

I was pretty full at this point and passed on the chocolate cake, and cheese course (which was presented on a cheese board). I asked a flight attendant to make my suite into a bed which took a few minutes.

I then shut my door to get the full suites experience.

Suites class passengers get 100MB of free Internet. The Internet portal also provides a tracker to monitor usage. With current phones these days always doing things in the background, you burn that data fast. In under 2 minutes I already used 7 MB and turned off background data usage. Additionally, the connection was pretty slow.

With two hours left I requested my bed to be made back into a seat. The arrival snack was a chicken noodle soup or beef slider. I went with the soup. I don’t understand US airlines that always serve a breakfast meal before landing. Many times it’s neither breakfast time at your origin or destination. My table was set for the arrival snack.

The soup was presented in a bowl with a cover. The soup was great. The broth was flavorful but not salty.

One of the flight attendants spoke to me for a few minutes about my experience in suites class and asked if I was a blogger (I guess I made it?). She provided me with her card and asked for me to provide feedback about the on board service I experienced.

Survey Says

Singapore Airlines is my favorite airline and they didn’t let me down. Unlike US airlines the service was warm and well intentioned. I was always addressed by name and the flight attendants were always happy to help.

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