Review: TG BKK-CNX Business

Date: Monday October 9
Flight: 110
Aircraft: A330-300
Origin: BKK
Destination: CNX
Seat: 12B Business
Scheduled Push Back: 1:10 PM
Actual Push Back: 2:11 PM

After leaving the Thai Royal Orchid lounge I headed over to gate A6 which was the furthest gate away in the terminal. Boarding was scheduled to start at 12:40 PM which was more of a concept than an actual boarding time. An announcement then came over the PA that the flight won’t board until 1:40 PM due to technical reasons. However, the status showed on time on the terminal monitors and website.

We finally boarded at 1:40 PM. I boarded through door 1L and found my way to 12B. Business is the highest level of service on this flight. The seats are recliner seats and don’t fully lay flat.┬áThe seat was spacious and had the standard reclining controls.

I was offered a pre-departure beverage choice of water or juice. I was then given a hot towel and choice of newspaper.

We lined up and took off on runway 1R at 2:23 PM. At 2:28 PM the seatbelt sign was turned off. The flight attendant came around and set our trays. This is a one hour flight and there was only one option, sweet and sour fish with rice. A cart was rolled through the aisle and meal trays were unwrapped and served to each passenger.

The tray consisted of the fish dish, a coconut drink, and an tea/coffee cup.

Coffee and tea were then served during the meal service.

The flight attendants then quickly cleaned up the meal service as we began our decent to Chiang Mai.

The lavatory was the standard plane lavatory. There was a fragrance spray in the business class lavatories.


Survey Says

Thai domestic business class is not cutting edge but is comfortable for short flights. The prices are affordable as well (and Thai is typically more expensive than other options). For a short one hour flight the meal was also pretty tasty (I’ve had worse meals on United long haul international). I would pay for domestic business again.

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