Review: TG BKK-SYD First

I was escorted from the Royal First lounge to the boarding gate. We walked for about 5 minutes to the end of the concourse. First class was the last to board so you can maximize time in the lounge.

Date: Tuesday September 11
Flight: 475
Aircraft: 746-400
Origin: BKK
Destination: SYD
Seat: 1K Royal First
Scheduled Push Back: 7:20 PM
Actual Push Back: 7:27 PM

Only two seats were taken in first class on this flight. Upon boarding I was immediately greeted by name (50/50 chance they get it right I guess). I was shown to my seat and provided a hot towel. I was also offered Dom Perignon as a pre-departure drink.

The seat was large and fully controlled by an LCD screen and 4 buttons.

To the right of the arm rest was the entertainment controls and USB ports.

All the way forward and to the right was an electrical plug.

Also waiting on my seat was a Rimowa amenity kit. The kit contained the usual items such as tooth brush, eye shades, socks, lip balm, hand cream, and face spray.

The flight attendant and in flight manager came over to introduce themselves and mentioned to call upon them for anything I needed. A flight attendant then went over the menu with me. I chose the Thai lamb chops.

After push back I was offered pajamas.

Shortly after takeoff the seat belt sign was turned off and the meal service began. First up was the mushroom appetizer with avocado salsa. The mushroom were crispy but not oily and the avocado salsa which was fresh.

My appetizer was cleared and my tray table was set. The whole place setting was brought over on a tray but was individually placed on my table. The flight attendant also provided me with a bread basket and a roasted garlic.

The caviar service was next and nicely presented. The flight attendant kept saying if I wanted what sounded like a “glass of water”. After pointing to the water already on my tray table, she walked away then came back with a bottle of stoli and said “glass of vodka”, which I declined. I’ve had caviar a few times and didn’t realize vodka was part of it.

My table was cleared once again and reset for the actual prawn appetizer along with my main lamb course.

The flight attendant asked if I wanted another glass of champagne. I instead ordered Johnny Walker Blue Label on the rocks.

My dinner was cleared and a cheese and a fruit course was served along with another hot towel.

Thai desserts were then offered but I passed as I was full. The flight attendant then offered some tea or coffee and went over the breakfast options with me.

The flight attendant also made up my bed in the empty seat in front of me.

I slept for about ~5 hours then woke up and went back to my seat where the breakfast service stared. I was served water, tea, a bread basket, muesli, and fruit to start.

Next up was my breakfast course of an English muffin with fried eggs.

Shortly before landing the in flight manager and a few others came over to thank me for flying Thai.

Survey Says

Thai doesn’t have the best lounges or the best hard product. However, they have excellent service. Thai has a decent lounge, a unique spa perk, decent hard product and good service on the ground and in the air. I think all of those things summed up make flying Thai in first an excellent experience.

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