Review: Thai Royal First Lounge BKK

I was pretty excited to experience Thai first class ground service. As I stepped off the plane there was an attendant waiting for me. We walked to a golf cart and drove off to security.

I was quickly checked in and offered a one hour spa treatment which I scheduled for 3:45 PM about an hour after I arrived. The lounge has a hallway that runs the length of the space. On one side are “living rooms”. This is where they direct guest to sit with their party. One thing I noted was all these rooms are next to the walkway in the terminal which can get pretty loud.

The other side is general lounge seating which wasn’t being used.

The back of the lounge has a buffet, but this really seems to be more for show. An attendant will bring you freshly made meals to where ever you’re sitting.

There is also a dining room where you can choose to eat.

After sitting down, an attendant offered me something to drink and asked if I wanted anything to eat. I ordered champagne, a Coke zero, and shrimp pad thai.

The restrooms while separated for men and women are all individual rooms as well.

I was asked if I was ready for my spa treatment and headed over to the royal silk spa for a 60 minute body massage.

As I waited for my treatment room I was offered iced tea and a cold towel.

I was then lead to my treatment room which had everything you’d expect from a spa room.

After my massage I showered and had cup of hot tea and filled out a survey in the designated royal first zone.

Once back in the first class lounge I ordered the salmon.

I decided to check out the shower rooms within the lounge as well.

Survey Says

The physical space of the first class lounge isn’t too impressive compared to other carriers. However, the total ground service package including the jet bridge meet and greet along with the spa treatment really set Thai apart.

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