Review: Thai Royal Orchid Lounge Domestic BKK

I wasn’t too excited for this lounge as my experience with domestic lounges haven’t been too great. I flew Egypt Air and while their international lounge at Cairo was decent, the domestic lounge was essentially a room with chairs. However, this lounge was decent. It’s nothing special, but exceeded my expectations.

I checked in at the desk and the agent scanned my mobile boarding pass and I was quickly admitted and given a WiFi password. What is interesting is, every person in the lounge has a unique user name and password combination. However, that wasn’t needed as my American Express Platinum cards Boingo plan just connected me.

The lounge is essentially a large room with seating. There are some dividers to make the space feel more private and not like a holding pen. The lounge seating consist of a small round table with two chairs. This same setup is repeated through out the lounge. None of the seating has power unfortunately.

The food spread consisted of a push button pancake machine (I guess Alaska Airlines isn’t as unique as I thought they were), Pad Thai, various Dim Sum, pastries with meat filling, sandwiches, and salad.

There was also a coffee machine and self serve soft drinks.

Survey Says

I was impressed  with this lounge. From the seating arrangement to the food and beverage offerings. I guess Egypt Air just left me with a bad impression for domestic lounges. There are no Priority Pass lounges on the domestic side of BKK, so this is your only Star Alliance lounge.

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