Review: UA SFO-EWR Economy

Date: Sunday July 17
Flight: UA414
Aircraft: B777-200
Origin: SFO
Destination: EWR
Seat: 29D Economy
Scheduled Push Back: 9:00 AM
Actual Push Back: 9:00 AM (OMG, On Time)

I lived my 1% dream on the flight out from EWR, now it’s time to go back to economy. Since I’m a United 1K, I do have access to Economy Plus (E+) at booking. E+ is nothing to write home about, but I’ll take any extra leg room I can get. I booked this flight specifically as it is operated on a pmUA 777 (version 1) which has two rows in E+ normally used for crew rest. When this plane operates domestic flights these seats are opened up for normal reservations. These seats are row 29 and 30, in the middle section (D, E, and G).

These rows provide over double the room a normal exit rows does. I can extend my legs and just be shy of touching the seat in front of me. These seats also have leg and foot rest. However, I’m not a fan of these as I feel I’m too tall/they don’t extend enough/I really don’t know how they work. With all that space, I can actually recline and not feel bad about crushing the person’s laptop behind me. Not to mention these seats have more than the average recline.


Boarding lines extended into the concourse disrupting the flow of foot traffic, nothing new there. The line for boarding group 1 was longer than groups 3-5. United really needs to roll out a new boarding process soon. Even though this flight was on a 777 with much more seats than the average 757, this flight was oversold and United was looking for volunteers to take a later flight.

I got to my seat knowing what would be in store for me with the larger seats. Others were surprised. The person next to me was so surprised by the larger than expected leg room and texted his wife to let her know of the “upgrade”.

UA 777 Crew Rest Seat Space


Flight attendants came through handing out stroopwafels which is part of United new on board snacks. In the afternoons an “Asian-style snack mix of rice crackers, sesame sticks and wasabi peas, or a zesty ranch mix of mini pretzel sticks, Cajun corn sticks and ranch soy nuts.” is served.

UA Stroopwafels

United now offers a complimentary food item to all 1K and Global Services members seated in economy (as the airline tries to better monetize first class). 1K and Global Services are also offered a adult beverage per flight. This is in conjunction to the drink coupons that are provided by obtaining Platinum status and above.

UA Southwest Scramble

I try to order the healthiest hot food item offered. Today that seemed to be the Southwestern Bistro Scramble. I keep my expectations low with airline food, as long as the food doesn’t taste bad, it’s good enough for what it is. The scramble wasn’t that bad, and was satisfying.

After the meal service flight attendants came through to collect trash and dimmed the cabin lights. During the remainder of the flight, the crew walked down the aisles offering coffee and water before the final beverage service which was 1.5 hours before landing.

The coffee and water service between full beverage services is a hallmark of pmUA service. I have never seen this on a pmCO flight. I wonder what will happen once the contracts are merged (if that ever happens).

Survey Says
Pretty standard flight in economy with United. Nothing too special. I guess I can say, Another Day, Another Mile.

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