United to Modernize EWR Security

Security at NYC area airports can be a hassle, this especially applies to EWR. Add the normal amount of people at this airport with summer travel, and that is a recipe for disaster. After landing at EWR from SFO (flight review), there was a line to get out of the secure area (see rant).

United (among other airlines) has noticed this issue and will attempt to address the issue of getting through security into the terminal at least. 

United has announced they will “modernize airport screening experience for customers at hub cities” in partnership with TSA. The initial roll out/trial will be at EWR.

As part of a joint initiative to improve the overall screening experience for customers, United, in collaboration with the TSA, will install state-of-the-art, automated security lanes, add permanent TSA Precheck® enrollment centers at convenient locations and redesign security checkpoints at several of the airline’s most-frequented hub airports.

United has mentioned the installation of these new automated security lanes will be “this fall”. The initial deployment will be 17 modernized security lanes in Terminal C.

According to the press release, these lanes allow multiple people to fill their individual bins at the same time. My question is, isn’t that a thing already? Normally there is a long metal table and multiple people can be filling up their bins and get ready to push it into the x-ray machine. I don’t see how this will help as in theory, is already available.

What seems the most promising to me is these lanes will take empty bins and run them back to the front on separate convener belt.

The lanes also utilize a parallel conveyor system that automatically returns empty bins to the front of the queue.

This isn’t ground breaking technology however. Many airports in Europe already utilize this. When I first saw this in London, I was pretty impressed. No needed for all the bins to pile up and somebody to walk them back to the front.

In additional to these new lanes, United is also consolidating checkpoints at EWR instead of having four separate areas.

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Survey Says

This should definitely help the situation at any airport, but especially EWR which is congested everyday.

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