Review: UA SFO-EWR Economy

Date: Sunday July 17
Flight: UA414
Aircraft: B777-200
Origin: SFO
Destination: EWR
Seat: 29D Economy
Scheduled Push Back: 9:00 AM
Actual Push Back: 9:00 AM (OMG, On Time)

I lived my 1% dream on the flight out from EWR, now it’s time to go back to economy. Since I’m a United 1K, I do have access to Economy Plus (E+) at booking. E+ is nothing to write home about, but I’ll take any extra leg room I can get. I booked this flight specifically as it is operated on a pmUA 777 (version 1) which has two rows in E+ normally used for crew rest. When this plane operates domestic flights these seats are opened up for normal reservations. These seats are row 29 and 30, in the middle section (D, E, and G). Continue reading “Review: UA SFO-EWR Economy”

Review: SFO Rotunda United Club

I like to try to eat healthy, and oatmeal falls on the list of bland, not bad for you foods. Unfortunately, the American Express Centurion lounge in terminal 3 of SFO doesn’t have that (anymore). They do have egg frittatas, French toast, and other similar things. Therefore I went through security, passed the Centurion lounge and headed for my favorite United Club in SFO. Continue reading “Review: SFO Rotunda United Club”

Review: UA EWR-SFO BusinessFirst

Date: Thursday July 14
Flight: UA1885
Aircraft: B777-200
Origin: EWR
Destination: SFO
Seat: 9J BusinessFirst
Scheduled Push Back: 3:59 PM
Actual Push Back: 4:46 PM

Time to jump in and do my first flight review. Like I said in my first post, I fly coach 99% of the time. Well, this happens to be the 1% of the time where an upgrade cleared. Continue reading “Review: UA EWR-SFO BusinessFirst”

Hello World!

I figure, everybody else has a blog, why not me.

A lot of the points and miles sites you read are geared towards the ins and outs of “the hobby”. While many of us like to travel, it’s not our full time job to apply for credit cards to get large sign up offers, book award travel with a stopover and two open jaws, or search the Internet for “discount” business fares which are still unfordable.

I plan to write about and comment on general news from the travel industry. This is based on the perspective of a “road warrior” consultant who travels every week for work. And no, I don’t fly first class (or business class). I fly coach like the 99% of us. Sure, once in a while an upgrade clears (more rants on that later), but those seem to be few and far between these days.

So check back every once and awhile.