Review: LAX Admirals Club

LAX has a variety of lounges that I wanted to see so I booked a flight to spend a few hours at LAX. That’s normal, right?

The main motivation behind this trip was to see the new LAX Centurion Lounge. However, with my Alaska Airlines club membership I also had access to the Admirals Club. I walked over to Terminal 4 and walked into the check in area.

The check in agent was friendly. I presented my Alaska Airlines boarding pass and noted my Alaska Club Membership. The agent informed me I would need to be flying American Airlines to be admitted. The agent was new and had a colleague come over to verify I would be allowed access.

I proceeded up the stairs where staff help with reservations. To the left was the Flagship Lounge while the regular Admirals Club was to the right.

The first thing you see is a coffee station. The coffee was La Colombe and was pretty good.

Turning left you enter the main lounge which is essentially one long room broken into a few sections. To your left is a general seating area. While the lounge wasn’t over crowded it was busier than I was expecting.

To the right was oatmeal and a soda fountain along with bread.

Further into the lounge was the bar with seating for eating. There was also an avocado toast section which was good.

There was also a TV room and quiet section in the very back of the lounge which wasn’t to crowded and had some gate area views.

Along with the complimentary food and drink items there was also a menu with items for purchase. I like this idea as lounge food isn’t the best (regardless if there is food for sale or not). This had breakfast and lunch items on it.

Survey Says

This was my first time at an Admirals Club and was pleasantly surprised. I know the United Club at LAX is significantly better than other locations so I’m wondering if that is also the cause with the Admirals Club. I thought the space was nice and the complimentary items were good. While the avocado toast isn’t something always available it seems to be somewhat frequent.

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