Review: AI SIN-DEL Business Class

I wasn’t to excited for this flight. Air India isn’t know for being a great airline and is perpetually on the verge of collapse (but so is Jet Airways). We headed to the gate at 8:30 AM to clear security and boarded a few minutes after that.

Date: Saturday January 26
Flight: 381
Aircraft: 787-800
Origin: SIN
Destination: DEL
Seat: 3B Business Class
Scheduled Push Back: 9:10 AM
Actual Push Back: 9:13 AM

This aircraft only has 18 business class seats in a 2-2 configuration. These seats don’t provide direct asile access. However, there aren’t small footwells which is nice.

Waiting on our seat were 2 pillows. There was a light blanket under the ottoman as well.

To the left of the seat were the seat controls.

Underneath the seat controls was the entertainment controls along with power.

The entertainment screen seemed small for a business class seat but was decent enough (albeit hard to read at times).

There were also headphones provided which seemed pretty low quality.

We pushed back a few minutes late and taxiied to the runway. There were no menus but the choice was vegetarian or non-vegetarian. Within each category there was two similar options. I went with a vegetarian Indian dish that consisted of spiced chickpeas. No amenity kit was provided. However, socks and and eyeshades were provided in a paper envelope.

We took off at 9:26 AM. About 25 minutes later the breakfast service started. Our meals were served on one tray. The chickpeas were tasty and went well with the dish.

I asked for a Coke light but was told no diet soda was boarded. A coffee and tea service also was performed via a cart.

Meal trays were collected and we reclined for the rest of the flight. Heavier blankets were also distributed if needed. Before landing hot towels were handed out.

Survey Says

Air India is about as lackluster as everything I read. The crew went though the service motions but wasn’t proactive coming through the cabin later in the flight. The amenities don’t compare to the competition from the food to the service. Another annoying thing was the digitally controlled windows on the 787 were locked so they couldn’t be adjusted. On my United award ticket it was noted that United paid Air India ~24 dollars for this redemption. I’d say that’s about fair (also about fare works).

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