Review: ANA Suites Lounge HND

Let me start of by saying wow!

This was my first time flying international first class (even though it was all on United) but I had access to the ANA Suites first class lounge in HND.

I’ve been to the ANA Business class lounge in HND and generally like the ANA lounges (ANA Japanese Chicken Curry). However, the ANA lounges can get pretty crowded. I was recently in the business class lounge in NRT and there was no way to take any pictures without several people winding up in the photo. So I was pretty excited to go to my first (non US carrier) first class lounge.

I walked in and was the receptionist quickly scanned my boarding pass and welcomed me. Upon walking in you can either go right for a quiet seating area and a food station (which includes the ANA classic noodle bar with some additional Suite Lounge items), or left for additional seating and a sit down dinning area with waiter service.


I chose to first walk right and put my things down. Someone quickly walked up to me and offered me the drink menu. I went to the food station and made my self a bowl of ANA Chicken Japanese Curry and rice. Upon returning to my seat, there was a hot towel waiting for me.

After eating (my first meal), I made a few phone calls in the the work area between the two main seating areas. As I was on a call a woman walked up to me and gave me another hot towel (trend starting).

At this point the club was starting to get more people (but nowhere near the business lounge) and I figure I take a shower before any wait. The shower Suite was nice and had slightly upgraded bathroom amenities over the business class shower suite.



After my shower I explored the other half of the lounge. This section has some normal seating, what looked like cubes but had comfortable seats with TVs, and another food station.


While the second food station was self service, right next to it was a sit down area. I decided to sit down and order the steak. The server brought over my drink and … a hot towel. After my steak dish which was great I headed over to the work space area I claimed and was brought another hot towel.



After the meal I relaxed for a bit and then headed out for the trek to the United gate. There are another set of ANA lounges closer to the United gates but those close earlier in the day.

Survey Says

As this was my first international first class lounge I have nothing to compare it to, but was really impressed. I’ve seen reviews and pictures of Emirates and THAI first class lounge and those do seem more luxurious but beggars can’t be choosers! With United phasing out GlobalFirst the only way to get access to this in the future would be on *A first class. However, it will take United a few years to retrofit all existing aircraft.