Review: DL JFK T2 Sky Club

Delta has a better lounge product over United and American. The clubs have showers (which United has removed), and better catering than their competitors. I’ve previously been to the T4 Sky Club which was impressive. The space was large and even had an outdoor sky deck. This was my first time at the Delta Sky Club in JFK T2. Terminal 2 is exclusive to Delta domestic flights and this lounge isn’t as impressive at T4 but still was nice.

The Delta agent scanned my boarding pass and swiped my American Express Platinum Card which grants just me entry (guest are discounted at 27/person). This is a solid perk of the Platinum Card. As I don’t fly Delta often it’s not worth paying for a lounge membership (or even getting a co-branded card), so it’s nice to have access when I do.

The lounge has several different sections of seating. Right in front of the reception desk is a small seating area.

DL T2 Sky Club Seating 3

Continuing behind the wall/elevator bank was additional private seating.

DL T2 Sky Club Seating 4

To the right of the check in desk is the bar area and buffet.

DL T2 Sky Club Bar

The buffet was set up for lunch when I arrived and had a solid spread. There was an assortment of cheeses, salad, vegetables, hummus, soup, and cookies. One thing I did notice was Delta uses disposable plates, bowls, and utensils. United Clubs use traditional glass plates, bowels, and utensils. This makes the United Club have a slightly more premium feel.

DL T2 Sky Club Buffet 1

DL T2 Sky Club Buffet 2

DL T2 Sky Club Buffet 3

Behind the buffet area where the bathrooms, shower rooms (upon request), and additional seating.

In the very back of the lounge was another seating area open to the concourse below.

None of these  seating areas had built in power. Power outlets where only located on the edges on the walls. Naturally, people gravitated to those seats first. One thing about the remodeled United clubs is the power/USB outlets are built into the furniture which is nice. However, there was one long table with power.

Survey Says

The Delta Sky Clubs generally impress me compared to what United and American offer. The space was large and nicely segmented to not feel like an open pen (like some new United Clubs) and the food offerings were good. I would love to give Delta more business but their loyalty program isn’t on par with United MileagePlus which provides me great value and an extensive route network in conjunction with Star Alliance.


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