Review: EVA Air Lounge BKK

Hoping from lounge to lounge, next on my journey was EVA Air. This lounge was remodeled in recent years and really looks nice! While the Singapore Airlines lounge looks chic (albeit small) the EVA Air lounge looks swanky (if that makes sense). The place reminds me of a jazz club meets 2001: A Space Odyssey.

While the lounge isn’t as big as the Thai Airways Royal Silk Lounge, it was a decent size. The lounge had great partitioning to make every space feel like its own room. There were several seating areas, a massage chair area, and a living room type area.

There was also a variety of food including pizza, pad Thai, and a fish dish.

Along with food, there was a self serve soft beverage area and a alcohol station.

Survey Says

This was the most impressive lounge at BKK I’ve been to. Singapore Airlines comes in second as the small size hurts it. While the Thai lounges are huge, the offerings are nothing noteworthy.

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