Review: EWR Terminal C Gate 74 United Club

There are two United Clubs in Terminal C. One near gate 74 and the other near gate 120. The club near gate 120 tends to be more crowded during peaks times in my experience. The club near gate 74 is basically a large circle with windows in the middle looking down on the concourse. 
Upon check in and walking to your left you’ll pass several seating areas. Eventually towards the back of the club is the bar and coffee area. Unfortunately, this club doesn’t have a self serve soda fountain like SFO. Contributing walking back towards the front you’ll pass the food stations which have a variety of soups and a salad bar.


This club hasn’t gone the updated refresh like Boston or San Diego. Why United wouldn’t put the time and money into refreshing clubs at their major hub is beyond me. Since there isn’t the refreshed furniture many of the seats don’t have power outlets which is annoying.

Along with several seating areas there is a small area with some cubes which were all taken. These Newark clubs tend to get very crowded. If you arrive here during heavy business hours there isn’t anywhere to sit. Also, during these hours anybody with one time passes are turned away.

Survey Says

There really isn’t much to write about here. We have a circled shape room with seating and a bar. Typically I don’t think United clubs are amazing, but Boston really shines compared to this one. Would I pay the $59 one time entry? Nope. I rather spending that money on overpriced airport food.

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