Review: HKG Plaza Premium First Lounge

I had a long layover at HKG and was walking all over the airport. I went to the AMEX lounge for a bit which is one of the better options. Then I went to the Singapore SilverKris lounge which is decent but nothing to write home about. As I was walking around I noticed the Plaza Premium First Lounge.

Plaza Premium lounges are the classic priority pass lounges. At HKG there are frequently lines just to get into one of these lounges. I don’t care how nice a lounge is, if it’s packed then I don’t want to be there. I walked by the Plaza Premium First Lounge and inquired. They charge by the hour with the base package being HK800 for 3 hours. That’s not a deal but it’s not bad. However, for priority pass members you can pay HK200 for 90 minutes. When the attendant checked my boarding pass he noted I can stay for 3 hours with no additional charge (maybe I got lucky?).

Upon checking in (and paying my HK200) I was given a welcome amenity reusable water bottle.

I was also offered a complimentary 15 minute neck and shoulders massage which I declined. I did however reserve a shower for 9 PM which was before I was scheduled to leave. Upon walking in you’re in the bar area.

The bar is a whiskey, coffee, tea, and dessert bar as well.

I ordered a cappuccino which had the First branding.

To the side of the bar was general lounge seating. While not super partitioned off or segmented the lounge never filled up and get private.

There is another room behind the main seating area. This room had table seating and loungers.

Following the hallway from check in to the back was sit down dining.

Menu items included

  • Chicken Tika masala
  • Veggie burger
  • Dim Sum style dishes

I had the chicken Tika masala and wasn’t impressed. The chicken was hard and the rice tasted overcooked. However, the wait staff were well intentioned and nice.

At 9 PM my buzzer went off for my shower reservation. The shower room was the basic setup and had elemis products.

Survey Says

For HK200 this was a pretty good deal. The lounge seemed to have no more than 20 people at any given time. These days any lounge that isn’t crowded is a good lounge. Additionally, the staff were all nice and helpful. This is my new go to lounge in HKG if I want somewhere quiet to sit.

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