Review: IAD TK Lounge

I was pretty excited when I read all the blog post about this lounge opening up. While United doesn’t let their own Star Alliance Gold holders enter their lounges on domestic itineraries, the same isn’t true for other Star Alliance members. Therefore, if you had Gold status and above with United you can go to any Star Alliance lounge on a domestic itinerary even when flying coach.

However, Turkish Airlines recently opened up the lounge to Priority Pass. With every kid and their mother having a card with this benefit that means a lot of lounges are crowded or are just turning away Priority Pass guest.

Just a heads up, I’m not to the level where I feel comfortable blatantly taking pictures in crowded rooms, so the photos in this post aren’t the best.

I arrived at the United D gates and looked for the transfer to the B gates. The Turkish Airlines lounge is located near gate B43. The transfer process and walk took about 10 minutes.

Upon entering the agent scanned my United boarding pass. Since I have Star Alliance Gold status I was admitted via this method. As mentioned above this lounge also takes Priority Pass.

I walked into the main lounge area and was hard pressed to find a seat.¬†Upon further investigation there are two other Priority Pass lounges near this one (Air France, and British Airways). However, they don’t accept Priority Pass during this time. The lounge had a lot of furniture and the walkways were pretty narrow. I was bumping my suitcase against chairs as I attempted to find a seat.

The lounge is shaped like a rectangle split into three areas. The left side is seating, computers, buffet, desserts, and soft beverages. The middle is a shower, one men’s bathroom, and one women’s bathroom (I just went to the bathrooms right outside the entrance). The right side is some more seating, the bar, and another soft beverage station. There is a narrow hallways running along the back that connects all three areas.

I finally found a seat in the right hand section of the lounge. After getting settled I went to the buffet to get a bite to eat. The food was pretty good. I had a roasted eggplant spread and some chicken. The food is definitely better than any US domestic lounge. There was also a small salad bar, pita bread, various Arabic mezze, lentil soup, rice, and a beef dish.

The lounge also had an area with some desserts including red velvet cupcakes.

After about 15 minutes I just decided to head back to the D gates and pop into the United Club for 10 minutes before boarding. The United Club was packed as always but since it’s much larger, I had no issue finding a seat.

Survey Says

The lounge wouldn’t be as crowded if it was just Star Alliance only. Otherwise, it’s a nice lounge with decent food, but on the small side.