Review: OZ ICN Business Lounge

After my underwhelming lounge experience in the SFO China Airlines Lounge I wasn’t expecting much in ICN. I arrived, went through transfer security, and proceeded to the lounge. The lounge was P A C K E D. I had a hunch why and verified Asiana (and Korean Airlines) open their business class lounges to priority pass. These days everybody and their mothers (literally my mother has a priority pass membership) has access. Asiana should really focus on providing a better ground experience for their business class customers.

I proceeded up the escalator to the lounge and saw a mode A380.

Asiana A380 Model
I then checked in and asked about using the shower. The receptionist told me there were about 15 people in front of me and I can expect to wait around two hours. Are you kidding me? Asiana is basically saying “your two hour layover isn’t enough time to use our lounges which is an included benefit of your business class ticket”.

From the reception desk there is essentially the same large room and buffet setup on either side. As mentioned, it was so crowded I couldn’t get many good pictures.

Asiana ICN Lounge 1
The wifi was super slow and I couldn’t even use WordPress to write the flight review to ICN! The back of this area was the buffet which had selves serve drinks, small salad bar, and two hot items which didn’t look good.

Asiana ICN Drinks 1
Most of the seat was pretty tightly packed together. Some seating around the walls was a bit nicer but hard to get and it was hit or miss with power outlets.

Asiana ICN Seating 1
The other side of the lounge was pretty much the same thing with slightly less seats as they had a piano in the middle.

Asiana ICN Seating 2
At this time I’ve already been in the lounge for an hour and a half when my buzzer for the shower went off. I was told which shower room I was assigned and headed over. The shower suites were practical and did the job.

Asiana ICN Shower
Survey Says

The lounge itself while nothing special would be a nice retreat from the very busy terminal. However, this lounge is just as crowded. Additionally, the food options aren’t that great. Overall it’s a mid-range non noteworthy lounge.