Review: KE ICN-SFO First

Date: Friday June 30
Flight: 025
Aircraft: B777-300ER
Origin: ICN
Destination: SFO
Seat: 1J First
Scheduled Push Back: 8:00 PM
Actual Push Back: 9:13 PM

I deplaned my KE MNL-ICN flight and was hoping for some type of ground experience including an escort through immigration and to the First Class Lounge as the flight was running late. After all, this was a first class to first class connection. However, that wasn’t in the cards for me today.

Boarding started late at 8:42 PM as we were awaiting the inbound aircraft. There was no order and everybody began boarding at the same time. I boarded through door 1L. A flight attendant was pointing people where to sit. However, after seeing my boarding pass she escorted me to my seat.

I was offered a drink, macadamia nuts, given Bose headphones to use in-flight, and an amenity kit. First class has a total of 8 seats in two rows and only 3 total were taken this evening.

The amenity kit contained Davi products which according to the insert is a new luxury line of men’s and women’s skin care. The kit contained hand lotion, after shave lotion, lip balm, eye gel, face cream, eye mask, and tooth brush.

Around 9:05 PM the on board announcements began. Two separate flight attendants came over and thanked me for flying Korean Airlines tonight and apologizing for the delay. Then another round of three flight attendants came over and introduced them selves as well. At 9:41 PM we made it to 15R for takeoff.

Shortly after takeoff a flight attendant walked me through the menu. There was a Western menu, Korean menu, and Bipimbap also. I decided to go with the Bipimbap one more time!  However, I chose to go with the starters from the western menu. I also ordered a glass of Perrier-Jouët Belle Epoque Rosé 2005 champagne. There was a dedicated espresso menu. However, there was no milk steamer so cappuccinos weren’t possible. Hot towels were distributed after orders were taken as well.

KE Bipimbap Menu

The tray table has a nice wooden look and seems can accommodate two if traveling with someone, with your companion sitting on the ottoman.

The first course was seared shrimp with crab meat on grapefruit jelly and jam.

My appetizer was taken away along with the silverware, and a new place setting was set. Next up was the caviar service.

The soup course was next. The menu noted a yellow bell pepper pure soup. However, that was replaced with a chicken soup.

A salad cart was brought to my seat where a salad was made to order with toppings and dressing choices. Meanwhile, the flight attendant refiled my champagne.

The salad course and all the silverware was cleared away for the main entrée of Korean Bipimbap.

The next course was cheese and fruit which was plated table side.

Dessert was then offered but I passed on that. I went with just a plain coffee. Hot towels were also distributed.

Flight attendants closed my suite doors while I finished watching a movie.

Flight attendants later offered to turn down my suite for sleeping. The turn down service includes a mattress topper and separate blanket.

About an hour and half before landing I woke up and the flight attendants began their breakfast service. There were three choices. However, they all seemed pretty heavy and I went with the continental breakfast.

KE ICN-SFO First Breakfast Menu

A cart was brought table side and I chose plain yogurt with honey, and cheerios.

A platter of fruit was presented. I decided to go with just cherries and some tea.

As we prepared to land flight attendants again thanked me for flying Korean Airlines. I also discovered this aircraft has cameras like A380s and you can watch a front or bottom view.

Survey Says

Korean Airlines didn’t disappoint one bit. I wish the ground services was better, but I also wish US airlines were all better. The on board service was phenomenal and the Kosmo Suite 2.0 was amazing. What makes it even better is how easy it is to book these awards. Korean Airlines opens a lot of spade to their own members and you can transfer points from Chase Ultimate Rewards. I would say Korean Airlines first class is on par with Singapore Airlines first class.