Review: LAX Centurion Lounge

The LAX Centurion lounge opened a few days back and I wanted to check it out as soon as possible. I booked a flight to LAX for the day just for the occasion. When I checked into the lounge I was told there is a 3 hour policy and I’d need to wait 45 minutes before returning. I understand rules are rules. However, the main purpose of that rule was for crowding and given the current situation with COVID-19 I had a feeling there wasn’t any crowds. When I returned I was quickly admitted into the lounge to find about 10 people.

I walked over to TBIT from the domestic terminals and saw an entrance for the Centurion Lounge.

I took the elevator down to reception and was quickly admitted. To the right is the buffet, bar, and dining area. Due to the current situation all food was platted for you.

The other part of the lounge is where the main seating is. Upon entering to your left is a small seating area.

The next room has some workspace seating along with a second bar which wasn’t open.

Deeper into the lounge were individual work spaces and a communal table.

Walking even further into the lounge there is a spa which was closed along with a family room.

Doesn’t this room scream family fun?

At the very back of the lounge was seating similar to the lounge at LaGuardia.

Unique to the LAX location is a sleeping area.

Survey Says

Overall this is an impressive space. I’m sure once things are back to normal it will be over crowded like other locations. A few things that weren’t ideal is cell reception is pretty poor. I had no service with T-Mobile and AT&T. Additionally, the lounge just uses the generic LAX WiFi which was flakey at times.

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