Review: MNL PAGSS Lounge

Korean Airlines doesn’t have a lounge in Manila (unlike Singapore). I was given an invitation to the PAGSS Lounge in terminal 1. This lounge was your standard run down looking priority pass lounge (however, this is a contract lounge only).

There are two rooms with old worn seating and only power outlets around the walls.

MNL PAGSS Lounge 1
MNL PAGSS Lounge 2

The food all looked lackluster at best. The sandwiches didn’t look great, the soup and pasta didn’t seem to appetizing.

There were self serve alcohol and soft drinks which is always nice.

There weren’t even bathrooms in the lounge. I was directed across the hall to another PAGSS Lounge catering to other lounges. This was looked nicer but all the food was the same.

This continues to hammer in what I’ve come to learn about Korean based airlines. While the on board product will be excellent, the ground experience is not fully there. To be fair this is an outstation and I can only assume Manila doesn’t see much high yield traffic. However, as mentioned above Singapore Airlines has a excellent lounge in terminal 3 which is my go to lounge normally.

Survey Says

Is this lounge better than sitting in the terminal? For Manila, yes, but not by much. The self serve soft drinks are always refreshing to see. The WiFi was good for messaging apps and basic browsing but that’s about it.