Review: MOXY Phoenix Tempe/ASU Area

I’ve wanted to stay at a Moxy hotel for some time and finally got the chance. The hotel is targeted to the millennial crowd. Apparently this means a budget hotel + modern/unique styling. The hotel lobby is called the living room, and you check in at the bar. The Marriott branding is nowhere to be found anywhere on site. Since us millennial’s hate brands (this is what I’m told).

Upon walking into the lobby there were several communal areas including work area, lounge with arcade games, bar/check in, more lounge seating including a billiards table and board games.

I was given a room on the first floor which is never ideal for foot traffic. The room has an “open storage concept” which essential means no storage. You get three hangers which can be placed on the wall, but other than that there is literally zero space to put anything else. No drawers or shelves. It seems Moxy/Marriott is thinking that millennial’s just don’t unpack their suitcase and keep everything in there.

The room itself is nice and has hardwood floors rather than not ideal hotel carpeting. There was a modern/industrial look to the room with the exposed electrical conduits. There was also a phone which looked like a rotary phone but sadly wasn’t.

The bathroom kept up with the modern theme and was outfitted with subway titles and a shower stall only. Since the Moxy is a budget brand there was a shampoo/body wash combo in the shower.

There are also no irons in the room (however, one can be requested). Each floor has an ironing room. I guess this is part cost cutting, and part seeming like a hostel.

The gym was small but functional and had a mix of cardio and weights (with unique Moxy flare).

Survey Says

I love the design of the hotel. I love the arcade games in the lobby. I don’t like the fact that you have nowhere to put clothes. Open storage doesn’t mean no storage. At least provide a shelf. Overall, I think Moxy is a neat idea.

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