Review: NH NRT-BKK Economy

Date: Thursday October 5
Flight: 807
Aircraft: B787
Origin: NRT
Destination: BKK
Seat: 29C Economy
Scheduled Push Back: 4:55 PM
Actual Push Back: 5:00 PM

This flight was a remote board. Business class and Star Alliance Gold were called first, where we boarded a bus to go to the plane. We then had to schlep our luggage up a staircase onto the aircraft.

I found my way to 29C which is an aisle in standard economy. ANA’s highest class of service on intra-Asia routes is business and this plane also had Premium Economy. Unfortunately, Premium Economy can’t be booked thorough United and GPU’s only work on almost full fare tickets on ANA.

The seat was nothing to write home about. Unlike United’s new strategy there was seat back entertainment which also had a USB port. The seat back pocket also has a separate mesh pocket to hold bottles. Like most Asian carriers the seat did not have overhead air vents and the cabin was already warm when boarding.

The seatbelt sign was turned off soon after takeoff and the meal service began. A small bottle of water and towelette was distributed.

This was followed by a drink service. I asked for diet Coke or diet Pepsi was told they don’t have that (maybe only in economy?). The meal service was a Japanese fish based dish or a chicken in red bean sauce. I decided to eat a protein bar and skip the mediocre plane food.

With about an hour left of the flight, flight attendants came around with a cinnamon bun pastry and juice.


Survey Says

This flight wasn’t anything special. The flight attendants were always smiling and were always polite. The warm demeanor of the crew is always refreshing coming from flying a US carrier.

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