Review: PHL Minute Suites

Priority Pass is a popular perk that comes with almost any premium card these days. Since all the US legacy carriers have pulled their lounges out of the network due to capacity issues, there aren’t many options domestically within the United States. Therefore, many lounges which are part of Priority Pass are often over crowded or have started turning away Priority Pass customers (Alaska Airlines Board Rooms for example). This has lead to Priority Pass getting creative in expanding their network.

Priority Pass has been adding restaurants to its network where customers receive a credit towards their bill (normally around ~27 USD). One restaurant is located in London Gatwick and a few others have been added in Sydney Airport.

One of these non traditional lounge options are select Minute Suites locations. Minute Suites are private rooms with a day bed for relaxing before a flight. Minute Suites advertises these suites as nap rooms. However, the day bed isn’t great for sleeping and the sound proofing they advertise isn’t all that great. However, these suites are great for getting away from the crowded terminal and sometimes even more crowded airline lounges these days.

Check In

I walked up to the front desk and presented my Priority Pass card. I was quickly checked in and was told that the first hour is complimentary with my Priority Pass membership and any additional hours would be discounted at 28/hr rather than the normal ~45-ish (I forget the exact amount).


I was shown to my suite and settled in. The room is small as expected. The “bed” is basically a wide couch which is on the firmer side.

To the right of the couch are bottles of water for sale (2.50 each) and some “relaxing CDs”. I don’t even know where you would play these CDs, but a digital download is included.

The desk and TV area were functional.

On the desk was trail mix for sale and “Sky Water” which promotes rest (3.99 each)

Minute Suites should advertise these suites as private work spaces in conjunction with their current advertising. I feel that may have a larger audience or at least attract more people.

The suites have DirecTV so you can catch up on all the “Breaking News” CNN has to offer.

Survey Says

Overall my hour at the PHL Minute Suites was good. I caught up on some work before my flight and it was quiet-ish. For a place that advertises sleep, there was a lot of ambient noise coming from the hallway. It good to see Priority Pass getting creative and adding non traditional lounge settings for members.