Review: UA Club SAN

I arrived at the San Diego airport pretty early and headed to the United Club. This club is also right next to the Delta Sky Club. This United Club has the new remodeled look and is pretty nice for an out station. The check in area was actually right outside the entrance. I scanned my boarding pass and was quickly admitted.

As soon as you walk into the club you’re in the bar area.

Behind the bar area was a seating area.

To the right of the bar was the standard United buffet spread. This consisted of salad, veggies, cheese cubes, and soup (tomato bisque). There was also coffee and cookies. Compared to United and American, Delta typically has the best standard club food offerings including more substantial hot food or sandwiches.

There was also seating overlooking the terminal which was on the other side of a glass wall to keep noise down within the club.

Survey Says

This club isn’t anything special. However, in the age of crowded terminals (and lounges), this club was quiet and had good seating. These are the type of clubs that make my United Club membership worthwhile (definitely not the Newark clubs).

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