Review: SFO British Airways Terraces Lounge

British Airways recently remodeled the SFO lounge in 2019. The pictures looked stunning. This would be my first time visiting a British Airways lounge. I showed up at 12:45 PM for my 4:30 PM flight to find out the lounge doesn’t open until 1:15 PM. Taking advantage of my oneworld ticket I went over to the Cathay Pacific lounge to wait it out.

I headed back to the lounge at 1:25 PM but the lounge still wasn’t open. There was also a crowd of people waiting to enter. The logical thing to do it seems is open the lounge earlier. At 1:32 PM a representative showed up and asked for a few minutes to get set up. I checked in and was told First Class is on the lower level (floor 2) and to make a left and walk towards the end of the hallway where fine dining is located. Boarding would also be from the lounge.

The lounge is one long room broken into a few different area. The first section where the elevators let you out has seating and a self serve bar.

There is also a small buffet with salads and sandwiches in back of this section.

The next section has more seating with an additional buffet.

The back section is dining. I was asked for my name and escorted to a table and presented with a menu.

I started with the potato leek soup which was excellent but heavy on the cream.

I ordered the filet mignon as my main. However, it took about 40 minutes to be served.

We boarded from the back of the first class lounge a bit late. It was my first time to board a flight from the lounge.

Survey Says

Overall this is a nice lounge for an outstation. While there is First Class dining there isn’t a dedicated lounge space for First Class customers. The lounge was completely full after my meal so I wound up staying in the dining room the whole time.

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