Review: SQ SilverKris First Lounge LHR

After being at the fantastic United Global First Lounge for a few hours, I decided to try out the other Star Alliance first class lounge. The Singapore Airlines lounge is a short walk from the United Club and next to the Air Canada lounge.

Upon scanning my boarding pass I was directed to the left for First Class. While this lounge had the same amount of people in it as the United Global First Lounge, it is about a third the size and felt a bit more crowded.

Upon walking into the lounge I was in the buffet/dining area. The spread was decent but not as extensive as United.

There was also alcohol and soft drinks available. The wine and champagne seemed to be exactly the same as the United Global First Lounge offering.

There was some tables in the dining area, but were taken when I arrived. The main lounge had a small TV area with some seating. I later found out the guy in the below picture was in Singapore Suites. I should of told him to go to the United Global First lounge!

The lounge also has the classic Singapore Airlines lounge cubicals.

There were two recliner chair areas. However, they are next to the TV area, which seemed counter intuitive.

There was also additional seating along the windows which ran the length of the lounge.

A member of the wait staff came up to me sitting in one of the cubes and asked if I wanted to order anything off the menu. There were several options including Asian and Western. I was going to choose a noodle dish, but they all had fish in them. While I don’t mind fish generally, it was only 10 AM and a bit too early for fish (at least for me). I decided to go with the eggs Benedict again to compare.

Between the same alcohol and similar eggs Benedict (Hollandaise sauce tasted exactly the same), I’d venture to guess that United and Singapore are using the same catering company for their Heathrow lounges. Singapore does have less Western fare and more Asian choices which make sense.

Survey Says

The Singapore Airlines first class lounge is a nice lounge. It’s small but has good food and drink offerings. If crowding is an issue, the United Global First Lounge a short walk away and offers similar offerings in a larger space.

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