Review: SQ SilverKris Lounge BKK

I wanted to check out a some of the Star Alliance options in BKK other than Thai. I headed over to the Singapore Airlines lounge. The lounge is visually impressive but was crowded when I arrived (especially compared to the huge Thai Airways lounge I just left).

The lounge is pretty small and is essentially one large room with a bar in the middle. The bar also has espresso beverages made to order which was impressive.

The hot food offerings consisted of pasta, pad Thai, dim sum, black pepper beef, and a Thai fish dish. There was also self serve drinks and beer.

I loved the decorations of the lounge which made it look upscale and chic.

Survey Says

This lounge is kind of like the American Express Centurion lounges to me. I came in, ate some food, and left to find a quieter lounge closer to my gate. Singapore Airlines lounges continue to be great crowding aside.

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