Review: SQ SilverKris Lounge TPE

I was flying United Polaris from Taipei to San Francisco and had access either to the Singapore SilverKris lounge or the EVA Air lounge. I saw the Singapore lounge first so I decided to go with that.

This lounge doesn’t have the updated look as other Singapore lounges in Manila or Bangkok but it was pretty empty which is hard to find these days.

The lounge is essentially one large long rectangle. There are multiple takes and leather seats to accommodate parties of two, a TV viewing area, and high top seating.

There was also a small buffet area with self serve soft drinks and alcohol.

Since it was morning time there was some breakfast options including dim sum, soup, and fried rice.

Survey Says

This was one of the more bland Singapore lounges I’ve been to. Especially after Bangkok where they have a full service at including espresso drinks. However, the fact that it wasn’t crowded made it worth it.

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